Two Continent Spice Collection

Two Continent Spice Collection

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We've hand picked the very finest spice combos from the two most flavoursome continents on the planet!

The Americas collection contains 4 flavour packed spice blends from across North & South America. We've covered flavours from Argentina, Mexico, The Deep South & Canada! All boxed together in a convenient gift pack!

The Americas collection includes:

  • Gaucho Chimichurri
  • Deep South Creole
  • Mexico City Tacos
  • Montreal Steak

Asia! Arguably the most diverse continent for food has produced some unique flavours. We've grabbed our favourites from these cultures & put them in our Asian street food collection. Get a little taste of a huge place.

The Asian Street Food collection includes:

  • Thai Street Food
  • Shanghai Five Spice
  • Shawarma
  • Korean Barbeque

These awesome spices work superbly with most meat, veggies or fish & can be used as a dry rub, marinade or seasoning.

All in convenient 35g resealable pouches.